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It took Erin Fairchild a while to realize that she had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Born four years after her eldest brother, Erin's mother was delighted to have a girl that she could mold in her image. Brian Fairchild was the founder of The Fairchild Group, with his fingers in multiple pies and a self made business man who had propelled himself to the top with ingenuity and hard work rather than his pedigree like some of his peers. It'd been enough to catch the eye of another high society type that would become his wife and the mother of his children. The family resided in Brookline - Erin was followed by another sister and a younger brother. Her father was adamant that his children never forget that it was hard work rather than money - though that certainly helped in getting degrees from the finest business schools in the country - that propelled him to the top.

Erin was an obdedient child who took pride in the arts. She may not have been particularly good at ballet or playing the cello but she enjoyed it. When it was discovered that Erin was a talented artist with an eye for style, her father shoved every class and upscale teacher her way to help his daughter flourish. Each of the children seemed to have discovered where they were truly talented, save for her eldest brother, Henry. Henry was skilled in the art of rebellion. Henry was no longer the obedient little boy who looked dashing in a suit and wanted to be flaunted around at galas once he hit puberty. Rather than getting Henry the help he deserved whenever he lashed out, his drama was swept under the rug. The responsibility of being the golden child fell onto Erin's shoulders while she watched her brother spiral out of control.

When Erin was twelve, her father came into his most lucrative business deal ever. For seventy five million dollars, he acquired ownership of the New England Patriots after a love affair with the team because instead of taking up a mistress or buying a new car to satisfy his midlife crisis, Erin's father was the type to buy one of the biggest football teams in the entire country. It propelled the family to celebrity status overnight with eyes on all of the Fairchild children. Unfortunately, this made it harder to sweep her brother's indiscretions under the rug as they often made high society pages and it was easier to cast out Henry than to simply help him. Suddenly, the status of trophy child defaulted to Erin who reluctantly was the one that her parents toted around. She was well mannered and articulate but what drew people in was her sense of style. She found herself being invited to fashion week and suddenly, that crazy dream she had of studying at Parsons School of Design was no longer scoffed at.

College was terrific for Erin. Initially, her classmates thought that her parents had bought her way in but that only fueled her desire to prove that she was in fact there for all the right reasons. She studied abroad in France, cozied up to some big names, and was living her dream as she flourished as a designer. It was while she was in Paris that Erin received the phone call that would break her heart: the family black sheep, Henry, had committed suicide. Hell hath no fury for Erin's deep burning anger towards her family for ignoring that there had always been something off with Henry. In spite of him being ousted from the family, Erin had always tried to stay in contact with him but it slowly turned into radio silence the more she got involved in her studies. She blamed herself but she more so blamed her parents who were now all of a sudden advocates for mental health and throwing their money at every organization they could.

Erin was ready to cut herself off from the family in the wake of her brother's suicide. Her father, however, sensed that Erin was about to jump ship and go rogue and made her an offer that she couldn't refuse: he knew of his daughter's dreams to become a fashion mogul and offered her enough money to help get her brand off the ground. Erin remained in New York City to open the White Queen boutique. She hated that the offer had strings attached in the form of her loyalty but once again, Erin was going to prove her worth was more than that of a silly rich girl with a dream. Thankfully she had inherited her father's perfectionist streak as well as his "never give up, never surrender" attitude that helped her out as a woman in the business world.

In 2009, Erin made her way back to Boston for the grand opening of the White Queen boutique after the New York City location's success had propelled her to open a Miami and Los Angeles location. Once again, her father wanted to show off his successful daughter as if she were a show pony. Erin knew deep down that had it not been for his generous loan, she wouldn't be where she was and reluctantly began becoming a face of Boston high society noted for her boho chic look and her finger on the pulse of the fashion world. Erin's opened up more locations and expanded the White Queen brand, now rumored to be developing a fragrance line as well.

ONE Her relationship with her parents is strained at best and is considered by her siblings to have been the golden child who fought her way away from being resigned to a position within the Fairchild group. She still tries to maintain a sense of harmony so she has no regrets about how she's treated anyone.
two Really, really enjoys football and does in fact root for the New England Patriots. During football season, she is often a fixture at Gilette stadium.
three Years later, Erin found out that her older brother had been struggling with what was most likely untreated bipolar disorder. She began to see a therapist herself after the death of her brother, afraid of her own mental instability. She actually finds therapy to be cathartic and looks forward to it.
four Has a personal assistant and a bullet journal to keep herself on track and can be highly disorganized if she loses focus. Her head is often swimming with a million ideas.
five Simply doesn't have time for relationships and prefers casual arrangements rather than investing herself in a relationship that is doomed to fail thanks to her hectic lifestyle.
six Has residences in Boston, New York, and Paris.
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The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a powerful mutant telepath who can transform herself into organic diamond. She has become an prominent member among the X-Men. A gifted teacher, Emma is renowned for her beauty, wit, and revealing attire.

Basic Information Emma Frost is pulled from Marvel (616) prior to the dumpster fire that is the Inhumans vs. X-Men arc.